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With more than five years of experience in providing semiconductor circuit analysis, we have provided industry-leading circuit analysis reports and excellent wafer-to-layer processing, high-resolution wafer imaging, and excellent customer satisfaction.

In particular, we have integrated the circuit analysis report in the past, in a simple and clear way to organize a database for our customers to do inquiries, and not hesitate to regularly share valuable technical information, and hope you can come back regularly to visit our Website, let us contribute some information for you. You can subscribe to our newsletter to let us know when we have new technical information sharing.

We also pay attention to your interaction, you can join our technical forum. We have hired a number of senior R & D staff to host a variety of different topics, you can discuss the depth of R & D work with the difficulties encountered and provide some suggestions. And we will occasionally share the new technology found in the circuit analysis process with you in the technical forum. The technical forum is a nonprofit principle and is believed to be of considerable benefit to your R & D work.

Semiconductor circuit analysis is also one of the tools of patent infringement analysis, many customers for the maintenance of patent rights and monitoring of competitors, the progress of the patent layout and technology patents considerable attention. As a result, CPS is also prepared to provide further professional patent infringement analysis services after circuit analysis. For more information, you can click here to contact us for more information.

With the advent of the Internet age, CPS will also provide you with updates, faster and more innovative ways to make use of CPS resources to help you lead the way in research and development and patent work. Our optimization of the overall engineering network system, all worthy of your expectations.