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Advanced Process

With the semiconductor process to Moore’s Law of the law continues to progress, we have successfully analyzed more than 20 of the 28nm IC, and made a circuit analysis report. One of the key lies in the layer (Delayer) of the physical, chemical processing technology.

The Delayer process of advanced process is very complex, and has a very high diversity. The same 28nm process IC, may use a different metal layer media, thickness and material. To be able to successfully complete the advanced process Delayer process, must accumulate a lot of experience and the systematic finishing of the chemical formula. This is an important asset of CPS.

In practical experience, we often can not obtain sufficient IC samples, which is caused Delayer process can not be successfully completed one of the reasons. Our accumulated experience and recipes allow us to have considerable opportunity to successfully complete the customer’s entrustment to complete the analysis of the circuit without sufficient IC sample quantity.

This is an irreplaceable competency of CPS, and we are rapidly accumulating experience for different processes, which is one of the important reasons why CPS is always able to obtain our customer partnerships. We are also developing a more advanced process to the layer technology, expect to prepare for your future needs.

Advanced labs are packed with extremely expensive instruments, and even with 7-nanometer wafers, we are able to complete Delayer to achieve the perfect chip shot.