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Die size:
1.790 x 1.490mm
Est. process technology:
Est. number of metal and poly layer:

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Step-up and inverted 2-channel DC/DC converter with Built-in Power MOSFET

The BD8316GWL is step-up and inverted 2-channel switching regulator with integrated internal high-side MOSFET. With wide input range from 2.5~5.5V ,it suitable for application of portable item. In addition,The small package design is ideal for miniaturizing the power supply.

●Important Specifications
■ Input voltage range
■ Output boost voltage ■ Output inverted voltage ■ Maximum current

■ Operating frequency
■ Nch FET ON resistance ■ Pch FET ON resistance ■ Standby current

2.5~5.5 [V] Input voltage(max)~18 [V] -9.0~-1.0 [V]

1[A](max) 1.6 [MHz] (typ.) 230[mΩ] 230[mΩ] 1[μA](max)


  • Wide input voltage range of
  • High frequency operation
  • Incorporates Nch FET of 230mΩ/22V and Pch

    Pow FET of 230mΩ/15V

  • Incorporates Soft Start (4.2msec(typ))and hight

side switch of boost channel
■ Independent ON/OFF signal(STB).

Built-in ■ LCD battery ■ CCD battery

2.5V to 5.5 V 1.6MHz

UCSP50L1 (WLCSP) 1.8mm×1.5mm×0.5mm, 4×3glid,11pin,

discharge SW for step up channel
■ Small package UCSP50L1( 1.8mm×1.5mm, 4× ■

3 grid, 11pin, WLCSP)
■ Circuits protection OCP,SCP,UVLO,TSD

Portable items that are represented by mobile phone and DSC