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We often find that some circuit designs are realized in the commercial market by jumping away from the traditional architecture, allowing the products to have a breakthrough competitiveness and enjoy high market share and profits. CPS's circuit analysis reports have never encouraged the use of plagiarism. Instead, we hope that our products will continue to improve and evolve through our circuit analysis reports. The same technology can be used in different product areas and often has unexpected effects. The more knowledgeable circuit designers have in different product areas, the more they can make a more distinctive design in mind. This is what CPS expects to contribute to the world.


Another common motivation for using circuit analysis reports is to get the product to market in time for the right time. IC circuits are always complex, and the architecture and process used is often the most difficult and risky part of the IC design process. The worst result is often from the beginning. This is not a waste of many human resources, it may also miss the good opportunity of the product market.

IC Circuit Analysis Service

Customized Circuit Analysis Project Process

Project evaluation report provided

Our project evaluation report includes die size, process nodes, metal and polysilicon layers and top-level photos. CPS will provide the report within 1.5 weeks since sample device available.


We will prepare a quotation based on the customer’s requirements, including detailed price descriptions, project scope, delivery document list, number of days required for project completion, payment terms and copyright declaration.

Engineering requirements confirmation

After receiving the customer's purchase order or signing the completed LOA, we will propose the exact project completion date and the delivery document list

截圖 2020-09-22 09.45_edited.png
截圖 2020-09-22 09.46_edited.png
截圖 2020-09-22 09.40_edited.png
截圖 2020-09-22 09.45_edited.png
截圖 2020-09-22 09.46_edited.png
截圖 2020-09-22 09.46_edited.png
截圖 2020-09-22 09.47_edited.png
Provide samples and specifications

We need you to provide at least one sample device for us to conduct project evaluation.

Specify the scope of circuit analysis engineering

Users can mark out the range of high-resolution chip image shooting or circuit analysis in the top-level photos we provide.

Purchase order confirmation

Customers can use the formal order or directly sign our quotation and pay the advance payment for the completion of the project

Standard Deliverables


BrigenOne is our self-developed software, from layout to circuit components, bidirectional interactive indexing of Cell or Net. At the same time, it can also provide multi-layer high-resolution wafer image display, component ruler measurement and other auxiliary functions. These functions are very helpful for you to understand the circuit we analyzed. You can understand the distribution of components, circuits, display-related circuit connections, and routing methods on the layout. These are very important design information that needs to be referred to in analog circuit design.

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​EDA Output

We provide circuit files compatible with Cadence Composer. You can use Cadence editing software to modify the circuit or convert it to Netlist for circuit simulation. (The circuit analysis results of CPS do not include circuit simulation services)

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Summary of Circuit Analysis Report

You can use BrigenOne or Cadence for circuit browsing. CPS also provides files in PDF format to print circuits in a hierarchical structure, allowing you to read the results of circuit analysis in a cross-platform operating system.

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