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Reliability Assurance 

We ensure semiconductor product component design, manufacturing, packaging, and board assembly meet stringent reliability standards through thorough verification. Our commitment to reliability validation ensures that every aspect of the semiconductor lifecycle adheres to the highest quality, meeting and exceeding customer expectations. By subjecting each stage to rigorous testing, we guarantee the reliability and performance of our products, providing customers with semiconductor solutions they can trust. Our dedication to excellence in validation and adherence to reliability requirements positions us as a trusted partner in delivering semiconductor components that consistently meet the demands of our discerning customers.

Integrated Solution regarding to RA/FA

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RA+E-Test Services

  1. Manufacturing-Execution-System (MES) implement and

    BAKE Q-time control

  2. ESD control environment

  3. Scan barcode to auto download E-Test program

  4. Automatic test by handler or manual test support


RA+E-Test Process Flow

  • Current Support ORT & ORM with AATC, UHAST, HTOL

  • One Stop Flow control by MES system


E-Test BLR Only with Auto-Test

BLR Process Flow :

• MES system control BLR process flow
• BLR – Test with auto Handler(or manually)
• Scan barcode to auto download test program


E-Test CLR/HTOL Only with Manual Test

CLR/HTOL Process Flow :

• MES system control CLR/HTOL process flow
• CLR/HTOL – Test with manual test
• Scan barcode to auto download test program

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