Cost & Competitve Analysis

Cost control and competitor cost research is a very important topic before deciding to develop a product. Whether it comes from process, design or architecture, it must be studied in detail.

CPS can provide:

  • Processes (MEMS, Photovoltaic (PV), Compound Semiconductor, TSV, …)

  • Devices and Modules: ASIC, MEMS, Power Electronics, LED, SoC, System In Package (SiP), RF, …

  • Advanced Packaging (WLP, fan-out, WLO…)


The reverse costing service supports the following decisions:

  • Validate project costs

  • Inform purchasing decisions

  • Benchmark competitive products


The “reverse costing” analysis includes technical data and economic calculations. Typically, it provides detailed information about the process, materials, and dimensions after disassembly of the sample. Process processes are extracted from these observations, supplemented with public data, and simulated using our cost simulation tools. A multi-factor result has been obtained, from cost per step to yield impact.

In most cases, these analyses are directly commissioned by customers who provide us with a sample of the entity. However, we will also publish some standard reports on new technology products offered through our catalog.

Our internally developed cost simulation tools are the foundation of all our analysis. These professional tools are available under license from our customers.

Reverse engineering and value analysis focus on product design to achieve cost reduction. The process used to produce and sell products is also a source of potential cost reduction. Therefore, redesigning the process to increase its efficiency also helps achieve the required cost reduction.