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Projects under evaluation or ongoing

The projects listed in this category are candidates for evaluation of IC circuit analysis. We will provide an evaluation report for this project for your purchase, including the size of the IC, the process technology and the number of layers of Metal and Poly. As this evaluation report has not been carefully verified, there may be some errors in the content and facts. If you are interested in the IC circuit analysis report, please contact us to discuss the relevant details.


Off-the-shelf Hot reports

The reports listed in this category are all completed IC circuit analysis. You can purchase an evaluation report with the contents of die photo, work scope, device summary, and architecture. The content of the evaluation report has higher accuracy than Project under evaluation or ongoing. If you decide to purchase the full version of this IC reverse engineering report after reviewing the evaluation report, we will provide a complete package containing BrigenOne, EDIF or Cadence file, circuit analysis report printed in PDF format. At the same time, the evaluation report fee for this purchase will be deducted. Please contact us for details.

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