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CPS offers cutting-edge IC failure analysis services to tackle semiconductor design challenges. Our experienced team employs the latest technologies for in-depth analysis, accurately pinpointing the root causes of chip failures. Moreover, our specialized laboratories conduct reliability tests, ensuring your IC performs exceptionally in real-world applications. Whether it's pre-launch diagnostics for new products or troubleshooting existing ones, CPS provides stellar technical expertise and reliable solutions to navigate your IC design. Choose CPS for robust technical support, ensuring project success and surpassing market expectations.

Our Equipments

  • SEM: Scanning Electron Microscope

  • FIB: Focus Ion Beam

  • TEM: Transmission Electron Microscope

  • SRP: Spreading Resistance Profile

  • EMMI: Emmission Microscope

  • OBIRCH: Optical Beam Induce Resistance Change

  • Thermal: Thermography

  • C-AFM: Spreading Resistance Profile

  • Nano-Probe


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Solution regarding to RA/FA

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Process Analysis

Explore the intricacies of IC process analysis with CPS. Our advanced techniques ensure meticulous scrutiny, providing insights that elevate your semiconductor manufacturing to new heights.


Structure Analysis

Unlocking the intricacies of manufacturing processes through product structure analysis, we pinpoint critical dimensions that influence material properties. This insightful approach enables targeted improvements, ensuring enhanced quality and performance. Understanding the interplay between product structure and manufacturing processes is the key to achieving impactful enhancements in both design and production.


Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering material properties, combined with packaging forms, allows us to optimize design layouts and manufacturing processes. This unique approach enhances product performance, reliability, and ensures maximum production efficiency. We delve into the analysis of material properties, adjusting designs based on packaging forms to achieve a higher level of process control. This isn't just a technical innovation; it's a commitment to excellence in quality.


Circuit Device Analysis

Measuring individual components and their characteristics within a circuit aids in understanding the overall circuit properties. This detailed analysis facilitates a comprehensive grasp of the circuit's behavior, contributing to enhanced design and troubleshooting capabilities. The precision of component-level measurements offers valuable insights into the functioning and performance of the entire circuit, empowering engineers to optimize and refine designs for superior functionality and efficiency.


Failure Analysis

Identifying the root causes of product failures due to the manufacturing process is pivotal. By pinpointing these issues, we can strategically implement improvements in the manufacturing process. This proactive approach not only resolves current failures but also enhances overall product quality and performance. Through thorough analysis and targeted enhancements, we ensure a more robust and reliable manufacturing process, driving continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.


Yield Analysis and improvement

Leveraging material properties and electrical analysis, we identify areas for improvement, enhancing product yield. Through a thorough understanding of physical and electrical characteristics, we strategically propose refinements, ensuring higher-quality production outcomes. This proactive approach not only elevates yield rates but also establishes a foundation for continuous improvement in product performance and reliability.

​Case Study

We share some cases, hoping to help you understand what kind of instruments you need to use when encountering problems, or even many combinations of data without instruments, and what information will be output for your interpretation.

​Function Fail after CP Test

​SRAM Bit Cell Fail

Fall-on Particle

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