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Comprehensive Cost Assessment

You need to have a complete view to understand all the facts

CPS has complete equipment and instruments to carry out the cost of chip, packaging and testing of an IC. According to our experience, the cost of competing products often has a different distribution. Some chips account for a larger proportion of the digital circuit design, while others are analog circuits occupy a larger proportion of the chip area. But we understand that the cost advantage of this IC cannot be judged only by the size of the chip area. The rational view should be to understand the overall cost structure. After all, local cost advantages may also come at the expense of other cost increases. For example, some SoCs use wirebond, which is more cost-effective, to connect to the substrate, but they must risk a lower yield and better performance signal amplifier circuit to achieve the use of wirebond.

Therefore, CPS always advises our customers to first check the cost of competing products in a macroscopic way, and then gradually narrow the scope to find out the real technical advantages.

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