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About CPS Report Search System

In order to give you a better experience, we continue to improve the operation interface and functions. For this search system, we have made some explanations for your reference. If there is still something unclear, please contact our customer service, we will try our best to solve your problem

​Field description

Part Number


Device Type

This field shows the part number which may showing on the datasheet and package marking. 

Manufacturer of this chip

We categorize ICs according to their purpose, which is just to facilitate the division of reports. However, today's technology is widely used, and there are many ICs that are quite difficult to classify. Therefore, our classification method is only for reference

Device Description

Report Type

The text here can give you a clearer understanding of IC functions, and is also the main target of keyword search

Our circuit analysis report is not complete and will analyze all the circuits of the entire IC. Some only perform partial circuit analysis, but some are analog circuit analysis of the entire IC. Here you can see the analysis scale of each report

Analysis Type

CPS conducts circuit analysis according to customer needs, so we provide a fairly flexible service model. These are in the fields:

It can greatly reduce the circuit points required by customer engineers
Analysis time, shorten the entire project cycle.
The correct rate of the circuit diagram is high, which can reduce the customer’s
Check errors and troubles during simulation.
According to the physical division of the layout (that is, according to the trap ring)
Is divided into blocks, and will be marked on the layout and circuit diagrams
Show the corresponding relationship.
The circuit diagram carries on the connection analysis according to the circuit principle.




1.It can reduce the circuit analysis time required by customer engineers and shorten the entire project cycle.

2: The correct rate of the circuit diagram is very high, which can reduce the trouble of the customer's error checking and simulation.

3: The connection between the functional modules will be connected. 4: Divide into blocks according to the circuit function principle, and will be marked in the circuit diagram.














L3: This is schematics with clear function. You can understand the architecture of the schematics. Not necessary to spend any time to analysis the schematics.

截圖 2021-12-24 14.37.39.png
截圖 2021-12-24 14.37.48.png
截圖 2021-12-24 14.40.16.png
截圖 2021-12-24 14.50.10.png
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