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  • The AP43771 is a highly integrated USB Type-C power delivery controller and targeted for USB-Type-C adapter and charger application. It is compatible with Qualcomm QC4/QC4+ protocol, which supports USB power delivery specification Rev3.0 V1.2 (including optional PPS support). The AP43771 can support PPS APDO (Augmented Power Data Object) with 20mV/step voltage resolution and 50mA/step current resolution for power management. What’s more, cable-loss compensation and SOP’ command for e-Marker detection are embedded too. The AP43771 can provide robust protection scheme with built-in OVP/OCP/SCP/OTP features. There are rich power functions embedded on the chip so as to reduce total BOM. A one-time–programmable ROM is provided for main firmware, and multi-time-programmable ROM is provided for user configuration data.

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