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560 Gb/s Programmable Multilayer Switch


  • The Broadcom® BCM56370 is a stackable 48-port multigigabit-Ethernet switch with VxLAN support, programmable pipeline, and a fine-grained BroadScan flow-analytics engine. Introduction of the BCM56370 heralds a fundamental transformation in the design of enterprise networks. With multigigabit-enabled front-panel ports, a programmable pipeline, VxLAN support, and a highly scalable hardwarebased, flow-analytics engine, the BCM56370 is the first Ethernet switch ASIC on the market that simultaneously addresses the rapid increase in bandwidth demand and the transformation of the enterprise network from a simple, static architecture into an intelligent component of an end-to-end, cloud-based network. A key requirement for the proper operation of this end-to-end architecture is that all of the switches that make up the network, from the largest campus-core systems to the smallest wiring-closet units, must share a common architecture and feature set. To meet this requirement, Broadcom has introduced the StrataXGS® Trident 3 family of switch ASICs (TD3-x), which range in size from 3.2 Tb/s down to 104 Gb/s and provide a unified, field-programmable feature set. The BCM56370 is a member of this family (TD3-x3) and is optimal for stackable, fixed-configuration switches with advanced L2/L3 features.

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