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Integrated, Step-Down Switching Regulators with Selectable Applications Configurations


  • The MAX38802/MAX38803 are fully-integrated, highly efficient switching regulators for applications operating from 6.5V to 14V input supplies that require up to 25A maximum load. These single-chip regulators provide a compact high-efficiency, power-delivery solution for precision outputs that demand fast transient response. The two devices have different programmability options (see Tables 3a and 3b for details) to enable a wide range of configurations. The programmable features include: internal/external reference voltage, output voltage setpoint, switching frequency, overcurrent protection level (OCP), and soft-start timing. Discontinuous current mode (DCM) operation can be enabled through pin-strapping to improve light-load efficiency. The MAX38802/MAX38803 include multiple protection and measurement features. Positive and negative cycleby-cycle OCP, short-circuit protection and overtemperature protection (OTP) ensure robust design. Input undervoltage and overvoltage lockout shut down the regulator to prevent damage when the input voltage is out of specification. Regulation is halted in case of an output overvoltage (OVP) event. A status pin indicates that the output voltage is within range and the output voltage is in regulation. The device has an analog output that can be configured to report output current or junction temperature with ±5% and ±8°C accuracy, respectively. The devices are available in a 27-bump (2.2mm x 3.8mm) WLCSP package that provides low thermal resistance and minimizes the PCB area

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