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  • iC-MU150 is used for magnetic off-axis position definition with integrated Hall sensors. By scanning two separate channels i.e. the master and nonius track the device can log an absolute position within one mechanical revolution. The chip conditions the sensor signals and compensates for typical signal errors. The internal 12-bit sine/digital converters generate two position words that supply high-precision position data within one sine-period. The integrated nonius calculation engine calculates the absolute position within one mechanical revolution and synchronizes this with the master track position word. Position data can be transmitted serially, incrementally, or analog through two ports in various modes of operation. Commutation signals for brushless DC (BLDC) motors with up to 16 pole pairs are derived from the absolute position and supplied through a 3-pin interface. During startup the device loads a CRC-protected configuration from an external EEPROM. After the device has been reset an optional external multiturn is read in an synchronized with the internal position data. During operation the position is cyclically checked.

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