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Programmable SMPS and USB Type-C Controller


  • The RT7205A is a highly integrated and programmable SMPS controller at the secondary side. It provides the necessary functions and protections for high efficient and high power density off-line AC-DC converter designs. The RT7205A integrates an MCU to handle various proprietary protocols (e.g., FCP, SCP and AFC) through D+/D- interface and also support USB Type-C via CC1/CC2 pins. An internal synchronous rectifier controller can optimize efficiency and provide safe operate in both continuous-conduction mode (CCM) and discontinuous-conduction mode (DCM) even in the condition of a wide output voltage range of 3V to 12V. Dual operational amplifiers with respectively programmable reference voltages are included for voltage-loop and current-loop regulation to provide programmable constant-voltage (CV) and constant-current (CC) regulation in high precision.

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