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Ambient Light Sensor and Proximity Sensor with Built-in IR LED


  • The SEH502-TEK is an integrated ambient and infrared light to digital converter with a built-in IR LED and I2C interface. This device provides not only ambient light sensing to allow robust backlight/display brightness control but also infrared sensing to allow proximity estimation featured with interrupt function.

    For ambient light sensing, the SEH502-TEK incorporates a photodiode, timing controller and ADC in a single chip. The excellent spectral response is designed to be close- to human eye. The SEH502-TEK is suitable for detecting a wide range of light intensity environment. The maximum detecting light intensity is 1.7K Lux when using default setting.

    For proximity sensing, the SEH502-TEK also incorporates a photodiode, timing controller and ADC in the same chip. The spectral response of SEH502-TEK is optimized for wavelength 940nm infrared light. The SEH502-TEK provides programmable duty setting to drive IR LED and employs a noise cancellation scheme to highly reject unwanted ambient IR noise.

    The proximity sensor is optimized so that the black card at 0-cm can be detected. Please contact with Sensortek for further application solution.

    The SEH502-TEK has excellent temperature compensation, robust on-chip refresh rate setting without external components. Software shutdown mode control is provided for power saving application. The SEH502-TEK operating voltage range is 1.7V to 3.6V.

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