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0.75 V, 2A Load Switch IC with Reverse Current Blocking in Ultra Small Package


  • The TCK206G, TCK207G and TCK208G are 0.75 V ultra low voltage load switch ICs for a power management with slew rate control driver and reverse current blocking(SW OFF state) function. Switch ON resistance is only 18.4 mΩ (typ.) at 0.75 V, -1.5 A condition and output current is available up to 2.0 A (DC). TCK207G and TCK208G feature output auto-discharge function. These devices are available in 0.5 mm pitch ultra small package WCSP4C (0.9 mm x 0.9 mm, t: 0.5 mm (typ.)). Thus, these devices are ideal for portable applications that require high-density board assembly such as cellular phone.

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