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LED matix manager which can control up to 370 pixels with more flexilble switch configurations and higher switch voltage (20V)


  • The TPS92661 device is a compact, highly-integrated solution for shunt FET dimming for large arrays of high-brightness LEDs in applications such as automotive headlights.

    The TPS92661 device includes a 12-switch series array for bypassing individual LEDs in the string and a serial communication interface for control and management by a master microcontroller.

    An on-board charge pump rail that can float up to 67 V above GND provides the LED bypass switch gate drive.The low on-resistance (RDS(on)) of the bypass switch minimizes conduction loss and power dissipation.

    The TPS92661 device contains a multi-drop universal asynchronous receiver transmitter (UART) for serial communication. The turn-on and turn-off times are programmable for each individual LED in the string. The PWM frequency is adjustable via an internal register and multiple devices can be synchronized to the same frequency and phase.

    The TPS92661 device features open LED protection as well as open and short LED fault reporting via the serial interface.

    The TQFP package features a feed-through topology to enable easy routing of

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