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We Are Very Pleased to Officially Announce the Launch of IC Failure Analysis Service

Updated: May 18, 2021

CPS decided to change the status quo! We found that with the complexity of the chip manufacturing process, packaging and design, including 3D heterogeneous packaging, SiC... and other future stars, customer needs are not only the original circuit analysis, they need more Analyze to understand how to enter the advanced product market and avoid excessive risks.

In addition to the continuous improvement of CPS's technology for de-layering and photographing of chips below 12nm, we have also decided to take more actions for IC failure analysis, so that our customers can understand the new chip technology in the future in addition to circuit design. There are more issues that need to be overcome gradually, and CPS can cover all services. To this end, CPS spent huge sums of money to expand laboratory equipment and related environments, hired experts in manufacturing processes, and combined with the circuit analysis services we have always been proud of, to provide more complete and advanced semiconductor analysis services, following our customers Enter the new generation of semiconductor industry together

For More about failure analysis, please click here

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