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Infringement Analysis

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What CPS Do?

CPS has thrived for over 18 years, evolving from a traditional circuit analysis provider to a global network of top engineers using CPS's platform for circuit analysis. This uniqueness has set CPS apart in the market. Now, CPS expands into customer failure analysis and reliability testing, leveraging its advanced physical lab. CPS aims for comprehensive service, broadening its scope in semiconductor design technology, offering richer research reports in semiconductor design.

​IC Competitive Analysis


​Product Planner & IC Designer's Favorite

Embarking on IC development? Harness the power of Competitive Analysis to reveal rivals' designs, costs, and strategies. This knowledge optimizes efficiency, minimizes costs, and positions your IC for success in the dynamic market. Stay ahead, make informed decisions, and unlock secrets that set your IC apart.

F​ailure Analysis


Positioning Your Bug , Perfect Your Product

CPS's advanced semiconductor physics laboratory has expanded its facilities to offer enhanced services to our clients. We aim to identify and address potential issues in both product design and production phases, ensuring comprehensive solutions for seamless progress.

I​C Circuit Analysis 

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Find Out the Secret Behind the Circuit Design

In analog IC circuit design, selecting the right architecture is critical. Avoid risks by referencing CPS's successful cases. With advanced Delayer tech, SEM stability, and diverse talents, CPS excels in circuit analysis. Clients praise our quality reports for saving time and costs. Choose CPS for a reliable guarantee of IC design success.

R​eliability Assurance


​Improve Quality, Reduce the Customer Service Cost

CPS's lab goes beyond chip failure analysis; it conducts reliability testing. When your product reaches customers, we ensure its quality through rigorous testing, providing confidence in delivering the most reliable product. Trust CPS to identify chip issues, guarantee durability, and assure uncompromised quality. 

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