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Cost & Competitive Analysis

CPS provide not only circuit analysis service, but also cost competitiveness report. Our report technology covered from chip cost, features, package and testing technologies. You will know how competitors work hard on the cost reductions and win the market.

IC Circuit Analysis 

CPS had rich circuit analysis experience on widely technology domains, including SoC, RF, Memory, Power Management. High satisfaction on customers' feedback

Cost & Competitive 

Before step into a new product technology domain, you need to know more about your competitors. 


IP Infringement Discovery

It's very hard to accept someone steal you IP without your permission. Hire CPS to explore it. CPS had some strategy for next step.


CPS had setup a forum for you and you can interact with our expertise to solving your problem

CPS School

​CPS had some FREE reports for your personal study. 

​CPS Store

CPS providing the online report store. All of the pre-sales and after-sales service will totally the same with off-line customers

​How Circuit Analysis benefit your product developing?

Semiconductor product development takes a long time, capital and talent. If you can reduce the number of trials of production due to design errors, there will be great savings for product development. For developers, it can be quite smart to refer to the design of competitive products to improve their shortcomings while also reducing the potential unknown risks of the design.


Of course, there are many ways to refer to design practices, such as patents and papers, but this takes a lot of time and risk of patent infringement, and it is impossible to understand how to actually implement the circuit design and layout engineering. Therefore, semiconductor circuit analysis still plays an important role in the semiconductor design process. CPS has always been committed to the correct analysis of semiconductor circuit design architecture and layout engineering technology, and our analysis report has received high praise from customers.

CPS is a partnership with customers, but we do not encourage plagiarism. CPS hopes to bring the customer's superb circuit analysis technology to the product design technology to be more advanced so that our customers' products can be successfully sold in the market. This is the position of CPS.

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