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Cost & Competitive Analysis

Before starting your product development, it is very important to understand the product cost structure of your competitors. Not only the chip size, but also more details need to be considered, such as the capacity and type of the embedded memory, the ratio of digital and analog circuits...etc. CPS has advanced laboratories and professional staff, and the competitor product analysis report provided can make your product design have clear goals and competition focus, and design products with more characteristics and clear market demand.

IC Circuit Analysis

After understanding the structure and performance of the competitor's products, it is necessary to understand the competitor's design structure and method. Using CPS's circuit analysis services can complete product circuit design in the shortest possible time. From MEMS Sensor, Power Management, RF to 7nm advanced process products, we have a lot of experience, including IC Delayer, chip image capture to the final system function block diagram. We not only focus on the circuit, but also draw the corresponding Layout Engineering, so that you can have a comprehensive understanding of related technologies


IP Core License

We have close cooperation with many semiconductor companies. We hope that design resources can be used more efficiently without market conflicts. Therefore, we have sorted out the IP Core resources of our partners, hoping to shorten the time of product design and accelerate the launch of products.
All IP Cores are verified as mass-produced products with complete design files and verification tools. Some are even complete product designs, which can directly trade mask ownership for mass production

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